13 September 2009

I Coulda Been a Contender

Watched "On the Waterfront" a few nights ago. . .it deserves its reputation as a great fim.

In other news, two weeks ago I finally did the 2009 version of "My Own Private Century". I only did 112 miles though because I took a wrong turn that added a bunch of climbing and I got slightly turned around inside Harriman State Park. At the exact halfway point I hit some kind of large, sharp something (rock?) that tore a pretty nice gash in my front sidewall. Booted it with a tube patch and rode all the way home with 80 psi in my front tire to keep the bulge from looking threatening. Navigating my way home through Manhattan was almost more than my brain could handle, I took it super slow for that part.

Nyack and back today, felt short. River Road was covered in wet leaves and small branches which made descending a little hairy. Tried to attack the climbs, do more out of the saddle in an effort to incorporate my interval training into my outside riding. Felt good.

Good Vuelta stage today, Valverde is tough.

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