24 September 2009

Richard Serra in Greenpoint

Whilst riding up Newel St. on my way to work sometime last week I saw a pretty awesome something that stopped my in my tracks. A huge elephant door was rolled up at a warehouse between Messerole and Calyer and inside were quite a few gigantic Richard Serra sculptures. I snapped a pic or two, and then a few days later they were out in the street being placed onto flatbed trucks via some crazy crane-ish contraption. Rachel stopped by and chatted with the guys and apparently the pieces have been stored there for several years and they're being rolled out to head over to the West Side for an exhibit.

It's hard to describe how awesome it was to see this art in this particular setting: the scale is so enormous and it was just right there in front of me on a Greenpoint side street. In some weird, mostly irrational way, it made me feel proud of the neighborhood for housing this amazing art for the past several years.

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rachel said...

Word. It made me feel the same way about our neighborhood. You should send these pics -- or the link to your post -- to Greenpointer.