24 June 2007

My Own Private Century

Made it to Bear Mountain National Park and back today. . .by the skin of my teeth. . .hahaha. Still feeling a bit, well, like hallucinations are possible. The last 25-30 miles I started talking to myself. Out loud. The last 10 I was waiting for the dry heaves to start.

My main foe today was the sun. Should've gotten out earlier than 1030. 3 Clif Bars, 4 Gu's. Not enough food. 4 and 5 would've have made for a much more comfortable ending to the day. 9W all the way, no River Road, otherwise I wouldn't have made it.

Ran into the Major Taylor Club on the way back. Hung with them for a little while which was fun. Talked a bit w/ a guy who went out fixed and was coming back SS. Massive legs on that one, damn! He was super-nice and helped pass a few miles w/o thinking about the hurt. I eventually took off w/ 2 guys w/ super long dreadlocks but I couldn't hang. I don't think they were too keen to have me with them. Oh well.

dist: 104.63
time: 6.02.44
max: 37.4 -I still puss out on the descents b/c I admit I'm a little afraid of    cars.
avg: 17.3 (feeling good 'bout this one b/c there was lots of climbing today)

edit: elevation to Nyack: Elevation Gain (ft) +2,270 / -2,285

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