10 March 2006

a rush and a push and that the land we stand on is ours

i'm feeling the sharpest bite of wanting to be a rock-star of my whole life. i think i'ts b/c it seems vaguely possible for the first time ever. people seem interested in le firm, i feel there's a little undercurrent of buzz. more importantly i feel strongly about the viability of what we're doing. things are moving along briskly, which has a lot, but definitely not exclusively, to do with me. i've been working hard on le firm. and we have our first true "fan" who also seems to be a cool person. she's agreed to do our webpage which i'm very excited about b/c she is an amazing designer and an even more amazing artist. bad-ass urban painting. i want us paying her to do a page, at a discount even, to go towards keeping the painting happening.

in le firm-related news, the 18ft of blue rope lights came in and while they are indeed as awesome as i had hoped, i think i could use about 18ft more.

enemies also goes well. the recordings we're doing in david's bedroom sound unbelievably professional. he really is an amazing enginner which is a great thing to have in a band. it's release-quality. a major would be psyched to say the least to get a self-produced album sounding as good as this.

lpd's have a money gig sunday at rodeo bar. practice w/ them sat. after teaching all day and before recording w/ enemies. hopefully see the park slope kids after that although i'd also like to just hang out with david.

what else? bike drivel. . .i didn't wear a jacket today and i felt twice as fast. a momentous day, the first jersey-only day. it's not off for good though i'm sure. noticable increase on bikes on the street today. kind of disappointing to all of a sudden see at least 2, maybe more like 3, times more fixies out. an ego thing to say, but you get my respect in jan and feb. been wearing the hat the past couple days and liking it although i feel a little bit too roadie in that i'm really matching. but, logo free which is more important.

flatted on the q'boro bridge but rode on to graham w/ no problem. i've gotten good at fixing flats quickly. my bb is annoying me w/ some clicking.

the zullo is dusty. this year's not going to be like last. i can't devote a whole sunday to riding the road bike. it's too bad. i really love the sprint and i've gotten stronger in the off-season as my track skills have improved.

track-standing and laying off the front brake almost entirely have gone to work on my legs. actually, my whole body is a little crazy looking right now. i don't think i have any body fat. there are curves everywhere which i like. and nice lines. skin over muscle and bone. i'm really not bragging here. it's interesting to me.

my relationship w/ the pista is def in a much more developed phase. i could never describe it to someone who doesn't ride fixed. maybe even only trackies. it's not like riding a conversion. the tightness is amazing. there is a definite unison. i miss riding clipless. i toy with switching the pista over but it seems impractical.

3 classes in a row at graham today. i have a feeling they're going to shitcan me as soon as they get some piano players in there. this definitely feels like a temp job but that's ok. crunch is still my most fun class of the week. i wish i had a better drum for the class. i may re-skin the graham djembe and swap it w/ the toca toy. (anthrax!) crunch is way less technical but heavy on enthusiasm and unfiltered spirit as opposed to ailey for ex. which still has a passion of sorts but is obviously heavier on the technique. "art" versus "folk": i love both.

i'm listening to "we have the facts. . ." and it's enough for me to say i will always stand by this band. i spent some quality time w/ the smiths the other night. j and i both were feeling it.

i have a new 5mp middle-of-the-road dig camera and i am using it often and am loving having it. am i some sort of elitist for thinking that i deserve this device?

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