04 March 2006

when i say i'm in love, i mean l-u-v

i'm on a tear of sorts. i'm working at work i want to do all the time. almost ceaselessly.

many unpaid hours pushing le firm forward. le firm is the band i think could be big. i'm putting a lot of energy playing-wise and otherwise for this project.

lots of classes. the w. african class at crunch is one of the coolest things i do all week. a lot of people in there are really good danceers. and i'm learning a lot (A LOT) about djembe through that. such a different, more intimate interaction w/ the dancers. i'm dong so many classes now i can feel my hands getting tougher and the tones coming more clearly out of the drum with a lot less effort. feels pretty great.

back to working on "the book". got sibelius 4 to work on j's machine and the laptop has not been that hard to adapt to which was a big surpirse for me. did 3 tunes today.

also excited about the enemies' path. nice press in the voice. david is driven. we jive in that way. he's helped me get the fire started under my ass about a lot of things because he really believes in what he's doing, is talented enough and works really hard.

and the lpd's get a voice "pick" and some press in the new yorker in connection w/the j. cash tribute. damn!! a nice follow-up by selling out southpaw. so fun. unreal. a real backstage stocked w/ booze, a decent greenroom. nice stage and of course the famous southpaw curtain. that night i also won the "skinny bastard" contest. very last-second-like heidi told me there was such a contest. this is several drinks into the night and my first thought is "i am a shoe-in." i tore off my shirt and proclaimed into the microphone, rather triumpahntaly, "i haven't eaten since 1987." the crowd was loud. the ladies had been calling for it for the past like 4 guys. and c'mon, i ride my f'ing trackbike 15 mi. minimum a day, never putting my feet down, eh. i'm skinny but about 0% body fat. getting drunk folks excited isn't rocket science. (i won. a black button up shirt of course. thanks alex.) the lpd's then played one of their best sets ever. i was all fired up which makes steve fired up and of course playing in front of a sold-out medium size room helps also. steve really did "jackson" great in particular. he danced around heidi just like johnny. well, joquain doing johnny anyway.

and lastly but certainly not least. . this is fundamental fuel. i feel deep (what adj. goes here?) about jess. sappy right? but when i noticed recently that my hormones really do change when hers do i had a ful-on flash on what it means to know someone such a way. what do i write here? her work is really unbelievable. i imagine us old together with a history that i can't even imagine. what it must be like to look at someone and see so much at a glance. in short, i think about family, human and feline, rather often these days. what do my parents see when they look at me?

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