17 April 2006

1st ride of the season

40 mi. at p. park/greenwood cemetary. couldn't have had a better first day. chill ride too and from the park, hooked up w/ 4 guys did ~20mph tempo riding taking ~30 second pulls for about 15-20 miles. then did a couple park/cemetary laps before heading home. mid-50's, great sun. awesome ride. i was cheated out of spring last year by a certain giant truck and am feeling very grateful to be (knock wood) healthy this year. i got some legs over the winter. the track bike is paying off big time in addition to being the only kind of ride i feel safe commuting on.

other bits: le firm moves along nicely. booked through mid-july (old office, pianos, sin-e). the delancey show was a lot of fun. super-cool bar. going to boston to record in mid-may. the panda-designed postcards look great altho it's not the design the two of us really wanted. enemies is cranking out some great-sounding recordings.

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