31 January 2006

the winter that wasn't

warm january, and now it's almost feb. well, in one hour it's feb. mid-50's?! i'm not complaining except i fear there is going to be hell to pay come summer. it's hot and stinky enough around here in the summer as it is.

other news: i'm quitting hard parts and have joined a new band, "le firm." good tunes, good players, really great vocals. cross your fingers.

re-wrapped the pista bars tonight with a red/black marble tape i got for a dollar from someone of bf. looks different. i like it but it makes me want to get red toe straps or something. more red. i like having some color on there.

almost one year on a fixed, sans my "time-out" while recovering from being run over (rip super-sport, i still miss your pinkness). what have i learned? let's see, i think i'll make a list:

1. riding a bike in nyc, and i suspect everywhere else as well, somehow magically renders you invisible.

2. if you get mad every time a car, truck or pedestrian does something irresponsible, stupid or outright malicious that endangers your safety or even your life, you will be mad all the time and it will start to mess with your psyche.

3. front brakes may be nerdy but i'm glad i have mine. using it as infrequently as i can has given me some burly leg muscles.

4. a bike that does not freewheel is safer than one that does for city riding.

5. riding is not always a race against the universe. sometimes it's nice to chill out and relax a bit.

6. staying out of trouble is a combination of staying relaxed while staying focused.

7. skip-stopping is an invaluable skill that anyone who plans to ride fixed should know how to do.

8. track standing feels awesome, is efficient and wows the peds, especially tourists.

9. don't try and ride like a seasoned messenger right out of the gate. there is a learning curve. you'll get there.

10. riding a fixed gear in an urban setting is one of the most exhilarating things i have ever done.

i guess 10 is a nice round number. the end.

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