12 February 2006

the winter that was (is)

wow. well, we're doing some catch-up on winter. i'd say there's about 2.5 feet on the ground and it is still snowing like mad outside. jessica and i are both incredibly sick, she worse than i. i got it tuesday. as i was riding down to david's to load up the gear for sin-e i thought to myself "i don't think i'm really feeling 100% right now." after loading the van and unloading it at sin-e, i knew i was in trouble. spinning head, sweating me arse off. ah, the ultra-hot stage lights, more sweat, more delirium. got home around 12, obviously running a fever. put about 5 layers of clothes on and jumped in bed. jess got home around 230 and dragged me into a lukewarm bath where my fever finally broke. now i've got a hacking cough that feels and sounds a lot like bronchitis. hooray!

but anyway, the show went well all things considered. the monitor mix was horrid (i had the girls' vox and keyboard ONLY in my monitor) and i had a few mental errors that noone but the band would have noticed. but it was still pretty fun and i think sounded pretty good.

i'd post a pic of the crazy snowstorm, but my circa-1995 digital camera has officialy stopped working.

jess and i dragged our ailing bodies to webster hall to see feist on friday and it was a great show. she can really sing well and her band was good also. great nina simone cover and they ended the show with a broken social scene cover which was so-so. i have to say during the show i didn't feel sick, the music was so great. i'm trying to "see" myself well and really focus in on the positive and keep a heart full of love. definitely helping my spirit which is doing well despite my current physical shortcomings.


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