23 January 2006

three the hard way

three classes today, all subbing. man, not like having three of my own where my drums are already at the studio. felt like a normal working stiff, left the house at 1030, got home at 8. and check it: all 3 of the teachers lost it today on how much they liked my playing. the first class was all s-l-o-w tempo yoga-like movement, the second was "horton for non-dancers," the third a beginner level limon. three very different styles and all three loved me. elizabeth, my second teacher, gave me a hug and freakin' kissed me at the end of class! i'm not saying this to toot my own horn, i'm saying this because, goddamn, i should have more work! i should be making some bank off of this, not losing 2 classes at ailey because "you know who" "wants something different". damn!!

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