17 January 2006

ravioli and other bizness

brought down j's pasta maker last night for the first time. rolled out some sheets for ravioli. filling: marinated portobello mushrooms, roasted red pepper, parmesan and ricotta. sauce: tomatoes, roasted garlic, basil, olive oil. ravioli is kinda tricky to get just right. next time the ravioli will be a little smaller and more stuffed. and i didn't really dig the ricotta. it was getting in my way of my enjoyment of the other ingredients. i think i'll leave it out altogether next time.

my students are all flaking bad on me. hey kids, this isn't my hobby, it's my job. i'm not using your money to make payments on my yacht, i'm using it to pay my rent and buy lots of drugs. the drugs part is of course bullshit. i don't make enough to even consider a drug problem.

transcribing a lot of current indie-rock for use w/ my students, should any of them decide they really want to study. ahem. thinking i could try and make it into a book/cd for real and shop it if it comes together nicely. some interesting finds once i bothered to look: new pornograhpers' drummer i knew was great, but the shins guy also has some interesting ideas as well as, the surprise to me, the killers. "jenny was a friend of mine" has a cool part. also want to make a "classic" indie book: eno/roxy, pixies, clash, cure, kinks, bowie, zep?, . . . is this a realistic thing to be trying? i dunno, but i installed sibelius yesterday and have already done 9 tunes, teaching myself as i go.

well, i just finished a zywiec porter, and they're no joke. but i'm going to throw in anyway that i'm having a little gd night over here and it sounds as great as it ever did.


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