30 March 2008

Ride One

Just got back from a few laps in Prospect Park, my first outdoor ride on the Moser. Still a little tweaking to do, but mechanically it's all pretty much there. The ride itself was mostly awesome, though I was also a bit nervous and apprehensive. The irony is I feel a bit unsafe riding a freewheeling bike in traffic. It's a strange feeling to stop pedaling and not have the bike slow down. The park was more of the same, as I felt hyper-vigilant about not hittng anyone, or being hit by one of the myriad of non-paying attention people there. It wasn't until I got home that I got a little endorphin rush of exhilaration.

I've been having 3 or more "bike dreams" a week for the past month, maybe two. They have largely centered around not knowing how shift with the brifters (brifters are freaking awesome, btw) or getting punctures. They're obvs about my anxiety about getting back on a road bike. I'm sure it will be a process but I can't help but think that finally doing that "first ride" is going to be a big help.

From a fitness perspective, my legs felt pretty good, my lungs have got some work to do. . .

Anywho, to celebrate ride one, I just dropped a wad at Performance: new Fortezzas, clif bars, gels, Cytomax, couple pairs of socks, tubes. But c'mon, it's double points weekend and I got 15% off my order.

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