30 March 2008

Fleet Foxes at Bowery Ballroom

Fleet Foxes were molto impressivo at Bowery Ballroom last night. As they got onstage I had the thought "If these guys can't sing live, we're in for a long set". That thought was laid to rest approximately one second into the first song. Goddamn! They were also so self-assured and relaxed onstage, like they were playing the show in a friend's living room, chatting with the crowd, being witty.

Ola Podrida were cute in that they all were soooo nervous. I wanted to get up there and give them all a hug and tell them they were doing a great job. Good tunes in an Iron and Wine kind of way. Blitzen Trapper were as high octane as I suspected them to be. The drummer in particular was a source of endless entertainment as he rocked the fuck out in a southern-fried Keith Moon kind of way the whole time he was up there. Rachel made the sage observation that if a movie were ever made about the band Phillip Seymour Hoffman would have to play the drummer.

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