22 January 2008


Got back late Sunday night from a fantabulous few days in New Orleans. My impetus for going was to visit Rachel who is two weeks and some change deep into a five week stint down there for work.

Stayed in some sleek-ish corporate housing where Rachel has been living that's only 2 blocks off the Quarter. Nice to be able to pop in and out without feeling compelled to make a day of it. Spent plenty of time poking around taking pix and eating great food. The Quarter itself looks pretty much back to normal thought there's still plenty of construction around, most visibly the French Market.

I got to see some sides of NOLA that I never would have otherwise because of the job she's doing down there. That is to say I got an up-close view of some full-on ghetto and it was something to see to say the least. So many decrepit shells of homes, it's hard to believe any of it withstood Katrina. People seemed to have more or less "adjusted" to seeing white faces down there and everyone I came across was friendly.

One highlight of my timing for being down there was that on Saturday night I got to see the first, and only horse-driven, parade of Mardi Gras, the Krewe de Vieux. Went to a super-cool bar at the far end of the Quarter to watch it go by and it was awesome. The only downside to the night was I inadvertently bypassed dinner and in true Mardi Gras style got wasted and ended up spending some time at the curb heaving. The heaving continued on into the night, but we shan't dwell on it. Prior to said heaving, I managed to make a boisterous ass of myself because I got really revved up about the parade. The true miracle of the night is that my girlfriend not only did not get pissed but claims she feels even closer to me after hearing me heave my guts out. (!!!) That's right, she's a keeper. In the picture below I'm even more drunk than I appear if that's possible.

After having to suffer through being told some of the myriad of idiotic things I said and did on Saturday night, Rachel and I spent a quiet Sunday, first eating beignets and then cruising around the Quarter.

It was so fun to be with Rachel someplace "not-New York" though I was the only one truly on vacation. There were loads of other fantastic things going on during my time there but I don't want to ramble on and I don't want to be crass. . .

More pix here.

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