15 January 2008

Bikes Outsell Cars in Australia

From Streetsblog:

"Australians bought more bikes than cars last year by a record 40 percent margin, according to a report released this week by the Cycling Promotion Fund. It was the eighth straight year bike sales topped auto sales, bolstering appeals to re-direct government spending toward bike-ped projects."

Look at all those Aussies lined up on their bikes at the light! This brings out my conflicted feelings about tons of bikes on the road: no freakin' way do I want to be sitting at the back of that line!


miss tafeldekken said...

don't want to wait at lights? then move to amsterdam where no cyclists stop...for red lights, pedestrians, buses or trams.

Mark said...

It's still very much a city overloaded with cars, but Seattle kind of looks like that in certain places at rush hour --- cyclists are so straight-laced here. I miss the anarchy of nyc riding.