05 July 2007

Goddamn I love fireworks

As has been previously documented, I love fireworks. Specifically, I love fireworks in NYC. Last night was a great addition to my "NYC Fireworks" mental-scrapbook. I was over at a friend's house on Franklin St., right up on the river. The Macy's show was RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. We could see the Macy's barges on the river, ie we had river to the heavens view. And, goddamn (!) it was incredible. Aside from the sheer amazing-ness of the fireworks themselves, something about what it does to people makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It invokes child-like wonder in people that slashes across any and all kinds of boundaries. Looking around at the surrounding rooftops all crowded with people cheering and ooh-ing and aah-ing made me feel that we can't be all bad, you know? So hooray for the 4th and what it does to reassure my faith in humanity.

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