17 June 2007


The list of reasons why I love New York during the summertime is long and varied, but certainly towards the top are the unannounced (?) fireworks shows. I'm not talking about the weekly shows on Fridays down at Coney Island. Last night, for example, there was a synchronized show that looked to be taking place maybe at South St. Seaport and midtown (?) Ah yes, June 16, a national day of ____??? How can you not love a city that does this?

It was just such a show that provided me with one of the best hallucinogenic experiences of my entire life. J. and I were enjoying a warm night in Central Park and as we approached the Promenade, BOOM!, up they went. Pure, unadulterated joy immediately followed.

If these shows are in fact "announced" or "scheduled", don't tell me, I don't want to know.

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