02 June 2007

Keep out!

Well, it appears that the Dead are well on their way to being cool again. Puke. The only band I'm ok with co-opting anything Dead are Animal Collective. Well, and Ryan Adams and Wilco I guess although their new guitar player seems more interested in copping Trey than Jerry (Line 6 delay-loops, anyone?).

Jerry graces the cover of this month's Fader magazine. . .complete with Dead name-drops from Modest Mouse, The Hold Steady and Animal Collective. The issue includes a Dead podcast which has some good digs and closes with an energetic "Terrapin".

And today Stereogum references the Dead in their description of Wilco's "Steal Your Face" "You Are My Face".

This'll all blow over. . .I like my hippies and indie kids in separate compartments. . .unless it's my new great band. Ha!

[06/03 edit: you know what? f it. if the indie kids are being influenced by the dead, groovy.]

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