02 June 2007

Animal Collective at South St. Seaport

June 1, 2007. My first venture down to a summer concert at South Street Seaport and it was a good one. I missed the opener and about 15 minutes of A.C.'s hour and a half set but it didn't really matter. AC played all new material, a lot of it very chill and well, drone-y but what would you expect? A couple more upbeat numbers towards the end. I admit I sort of faded in and out of paying strict attention, but it always sounded "pleasant". I was anticipating a more raucous set but was happy with what I got. They closed with "Leaf House" which couldn't have been more perfect for me, def one of my all time favorite songs of theirs ("meeeooow. . .kitty"). The weather was balmy and breezy and the crowd was a fun mix of hipsters, hippies and tourists. I particularly enjoyed the girl getting down with a hula hoop.

Looking forward to making my way back down there for Fujiya and Miyagi, Menomena, Bishop Allen and The National. Wow!

Full schedule.

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