22 May 2007

Two (mildly interesting) tales from the saddle

Cruising down 2nd Ave. from BAE on my way to Peridance today and I got pulled over by a freakin' police scooter!! I should say I let myself get pulled over. . .heavy traffic, I know I could have ditched him but in the end I pussed out. Two upsides however. One, I didn't get a ticket which I thought for sure I would. Two, I wasn't cursing the cop under my breath. I was honestly thinking, "We all have jobs to do. This guy's job is to be a cop and I did technically break the law." (running red lights) I suprised myself with that one.
Cruising up 1st Ave. on my way to Peridance this evening, I experienced my first full-blown instance of pedal strike while making a left turn onto 19th St. Felt sort of like a rite of passage. . . blasting around a corner, leaning the bike over too far. Did a little slide acroos 19th St., nothing serious. Tore a couple holes in my pants, little scrape on my right elbow and left knee. Didn't hurt and in its way it was kind of funny b/c I know a bunch of people saw me. Just picked up the bike and continued on my way as if nothing had happened (of course). For the first time in my life I am actually (very casually) considering track pedals or perhaps 165mm cranks.

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