24 May 2007


stugglin today getting home from nyack. maybe it was the weather, maybe i didn't bring enough to eat. . .i dunno. . .went through 4 bottles, 3 gu's and one clif bar. mid-80's today, felt great. . .i think it was the lack of solid food. started feeling kind of pukey for the last hour and i had to admit to myself that i wasn't having an especially good time. tried to psych myself out of it, was sort of successful. i guess i should add i went the river road route, which is now thankfully clear of fallen trees from the nor'easter, which added some climbing. (which i still SUCK at.)

in the continuing saga of me getting flats: today: slow leak followed by one puncture b/c of a nasty sidewall cut. used a tube patch to boot the tire, had to patch the tube b/c i only brought one spare. not having good luck w/ the fortezzas this time, and the last set were so bomb-proof. sucky.

all in all tho, a good day out b/c the weather was soooo nice.

tried to help a female cyclist track down her cell phone, to no avail. this happened as i was about to head out of river road, so i wasn't feeling so hot and all i could really think about was getting home. but she was really nice and as i was pedaling away i couldn't help but think "is this one of those situations where i'm supposed to like, 'connect' with another member of the human race?" not in a romantic way but in a "here we are, our paths crossing" kind of way. as in: "what would jorge do?" jorge would have made a new friend who would probably be over at his place for dinner within the next couple weeks. food for thought i guess. . .

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