27 May 2007

Cookout for one

Today I tried to not use my day off to torture myself but I was only partly successful. The crowning moment was my sad little cookout for one in the backyard. I ended up using Roman's nice grill b/c mine is a piece of shit and incredibly difficult to light charcoal in. The food at least was super. Grilled portobellos (no rosemary), red pepper and red onion. Made a hell of a sandwich.

I woke up much earlier than planned (see previous post) with a scorching hangover. I got more drunk (drunker?) last night at Jorge's than I had intended. There was just so much wine and I wanted to try it all. I didn't think I had had that much to drink until about 1 am when all of a sudden I realized I was drunk. Didn't make it out of bed for good until 1pm but I blame the morning festivities for fucking up my sleep schedule.

Went to the new riverfront park at n. 9th today. It's funny b/c it is really ugly, random giant concrete slabs and grass, crumbling concrete out in the water, but damn, it was so nice out there. The view is stellar and there was a lovely breeze coming off the river. And much to my surprise not that crowded. A Polish (possibly German?) couple were getting married out there! Pretty cute.

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