06 April 2007


this is pretty embarrasing, but last night was my first foray to mercury lounge. i went with w. to see mahogany. eh, they were ok. they seemed very happy up there, but they didn't seem that concerned or interested in sharing their happiness with us, the audience. oh, what's that, you're leaving to go open up for bloc party in the u.k.? ah ha, the plot thickens. . .
the tunes were good, but hey, when you have SEVEN people in the band, does EVERY SONG YOU PLAY need to have a drum machine and synth-pad backing tracks???? oy, there were two bass players and and at least 4 guitars for every freaking tune. 2 bass players? i could only hear one bass line tho to be fair their "sound" was essentially one big wash of noise with some vocals peeking through.

these guys played before them and they were so. . .well, white and wholesome. i imagined them all meeting at prep school in mass. their last song "get out of cape cod" helped refine that imagining. w. very accurately pointed out if they added a sax player they could be haircut 100.

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