09 April 2007

apples to apples

i got j. an ipod for her graduation/b'day present. i have to admit i love the ipod. 30 gigs goes a long way for riding the train, which i seem to be doing a lot of lately b/c of weather/subbing situations.

so of course, that also means i'm using itunes. which i hate to admit, but i also like. damnit!! 's ok. i just BOUGHT mp3's for the first time in my life and i feel pretty good about it. love or hate the apple culture assault, itunes makes it pretty f'ing easy to support "indie"/unsigned/"grassroots" music b/c EVERYONE has their LP or EP on itunes. i can get behind that.

ps- what did i buy? palomar's all things forest. going to see them thurs. with illinois. can't wait. also the oranges band which sounds fun.

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