25 February 2007

i'd follow you straight into hell

great weekend.

friday lpd's played the exile on main st. thing at galapagos which was fun and debaucherous.

saturday was all-star. i find myself actually enjoying teaching these days which is a welcome change. and after years of doing it, i think i'm finally a good teacher. played the cash bash at southpaw, which sold out in advance. the cap. in there must be at least 300. felt f'ing great to play in front of that many people and so many of them were dancing (!) so fun, my fav show of the year.

went to regan's party after. so super to see and talk with her. (great to have friends, if only for a weekend). i reaaally miss her not being around. a. was there and fuck, i have such a huge crush on her. she's not with jason now which was some pretty sweet news to hear. we ended up talking a lot. and staring doe-eyed at each other while trying to talk to other people there. i couldn't believe it. she lives in greenpoint so we shared a cab back to the hood. and then we stood on the sidewalk in front of her place and kissed. oh god, so fucking beautiful. "i think you're fantastic." what do you want, i was drunk? i thought it was a pretty good line all things considered. i confessed my long-running crush on her. . .she told me she had a thing for redheads. . .with beards. good fucking god.

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