02 January 2007

First Day Back

Today was my first day back in the office. My legs and abs are feeling it (bike) and so are my hands (drum). Today was my first day in 2 solid weeks that I rode the Pista (I lost one week to illness and one to being in VA). The initial ride up Manhattan Ave. was, well, a bit scary. It really is a nimble machine w/ that carbon fork. And damn, it's fast! By the time I got to the Pulaski Bridge I had pretty much settled back in. . .and then I had to go up 1st. Ave. to 93rd St. Fucking cars! Goddamn, it's crazy up there. From 93rd, I dropped down to Union Square for my second class, then home over the Wmsbrg. Bridge (w/ a case of Ruben's food on my back). Then back over the Wmsbrg. Brdg. for Crunch class, and of course the ride home. Welcome back! It's good to feel the soreness tho b/c it reminds me that I really am working my body. The Crunch class got my hands burning pretty good b/c it's a solid hour of playing w/ almost no breaks. Tomorrow I have off, so it's nice to ease my way back into working. May grab some laps in the Central Park. . .

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