30 June 2006

i'm leavin' (let me tell ya)

goodbye india st., we journey south to leonard b/t nassau and driggs. we could have won about the cats, but that would have only carried us through the end of august provided they didn't figure out we weren't on a lease. it's hard to believe landlords can raise the rent as much as they want to on non-rent stabilized/controlled apts. we could have stayed and paid him $1500/mo. what a nice guy. we move saturday. . .the place is much nicer to say the least albeit smaller but we will make it work. ah, new fridge. . .will post pics of the new pad when we're there.

what else? working BAE summer camp which has lost a little of its charm from last year. just picked up a 9 am graham class at ailey for the summer. i felt like i had to take it if my aim is to get more classes but being there at 9 is going to be sucky.

le firm: shitty website launched. EP is sounding good, cover art is looking good. delancey on saturday, sin-e on b-day on the 14th. no panda but i am not surprised. all white is a go nonetheless.

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