26 December 2005

pre-decompressed holiday post

i just got out of the cab. ruben is psyched to see me. the place has not been wrecked by angry kitties. it's actually quite clean. hectic time in hampton, as always. running around between mom, dad and j's family. shit got weird this morning. aunt g. talking shit about kyle and his black fiance. upset mom real bad, kyle left. kind of sucked i didn't get to hang out with him this morning/afternoon. went down to nags head with pops, stayed at his new place, got in the hot tub, had sub-par seafood at awful arthur's. x-mas dinner was good though. nice turkey, stuffing, gravy, sweet potatoes. the only thing i contributed was bourbon/chocolate/pecan pie. made dinner the night before though: soup and potrabello mushroom sandwiches. good stuff. anywho, maybe more later as i unwind.

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