22 December 2005

an explanatory note

in the event that i ever actually tell anyone i have a blog, or someone randomly comes across it and checks the archives: i started this blog shortly after having my bike and right ankle/foot run over by a rather large, multi-axle truck. it was a trying time, to say the least, for me. no broken bones but a destroyed bike, a severe sprain and a spun mind. i was off the bike for a full 2 months and it felt like 2 decades. my foot and ankle looked like a giant eggplant for quite a while. a pattern has developed: i seem to only post to my blog when i am sick, or debilitated in some way. i'm not sure why, i guess because of so much idle time. . .

but, if (the imaginary) you look at my flickr or myspace page, you will find them both much more "warm and fuzzy."

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