20 December 2005

i am sick, crazy and bored

long time, no post. . .this one is for all the people not reading my blog. . .everyone who isn't me. . .

i am sick. with a shite cold. i ate one of my girlfriend's claritin and washed it down with a pot of coffee. i feel completely fucking crazy right now and i'm sweating like i just bombed a couple grams on the slopes.

they are renovating the apartment next door. it is so loud my whole apartment is vibrating, walls, floors, the whole deal. the hallway is full of dust and construction materials. the noise in unbearable.

i have a flickr account now if'n someone (?! me? i've already seen them) cares to look at some pix. here's the link. hope that works, no guarantess.

the end.

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