26 May 2005

bikes bikes bikes

the zullo is going to be an f'in beautiful fixed gear. i took the computer off it a couple days ago and the engraved "badge" on the headtube is very hot. i'm going to use a bmx lever (black lever and cable, ripped off my diamonback in va.) and get rid of the clunky road levers/hoods so the bike is going to be very clean looking. also black bar tape, replacing the current yellow. just put on fortezzas with the black sidewall. low-profile but sharp. want to braze off the cable guides (but not the derailleur hanger, i'm a wuss that way) but am not sure what to do with the unpainted surfaces once i grind them off. (more parenthises: i have a dremel but i'm not 100% sure how to really use it.) the supersport will also be memorialized with the chrome shimano 600 front brake and hopefully at some point, the cinelli stem. god rest her soul.

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