22 April 2005

codeine makes ya itch

ate some tylenol 3 last night after some time off. not really in pain, they were just there. damn, that stuff makes me itch. i'm still itchy tonight!

in other news, sold the itala for well over what i paid for it. it was on craigslist for only a few hours. got 5 repsones on it, i was surprised. i told the guy the derailers needed bike shop attention, he was ok with that. cleaned it up pretty nice, re-wrapped the bars. that was about it. got the rear brake back on and adjusted too.

bought a new bike today. another italian. this one however is really nice. late 80's, early 90's, columbus tubing, shimano 600 brakes, suntour drivertrain, arraya rims. french cranks (170's)which seems weird to me. it's a zullo sprint. did a little pre-purchase research this time (i'm trainable). good italian company, no low end possibilities. bike looks great. solid blue which i really like. one black decal which is very difficult to see. no badge, but the "badge" is engraved on the head tube. can't wait to get it converted and be able to ride it. came with look pedals, a cyclocomputer and a helmet, all of which i plan to sell.

reading hamlet, i've been advised it's not the best choice for my mental state right now. but i don't care, it's great. i love the hell out of shakespeare. can't believe it took me this long to get into it. so far i've read the tempest, king lear and 12th night. loved them all. lear's my fav so far, hamlet may beat it out though. we'll see.

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