22 March 2009

Welcome to Spring, NYC style

Ah, Spring. Though the high is only supposed to be 50 today, I thought I'd mix things up a bit by getting off the trainer and taking the Pista up to The Cloisters. The roads were pretty quiet and after a loop around The Cloisters I decided to see how many roadies were out by taking a trip out and back on the GWB. The answer is quite a lot.

On the way back home riding down Riverside Drive I got doored. I was thankfully a few feet away from parked cars so I didn't take the full door, I think the door actually caught my right calf, I'm not sure. At any rate, I went flying and landed on my back. Maybe the door hit my bars too, I'm not sure, but they took a pretty good whack somehow because the drops were pointing skyward when I picked up the bike. [edit: Upon further reflection and bike inspection I think I safely conclude that the door struck the right side of my bars and also hit my right calf.]

The guy stuck around, was nice and very apologetic. I didn't feel pissed off, just more a sense of disbelief. The bike looked ok, I didn't have any broken bones, so it could've been much worse. Of course I didn't discover the massive hop in my front wheel until after he walked away. SO STUPID!! That should have been the first thing I checked. I feel sure he would have given me cash to replace it. I did true it up enough so that it's rideable (we'll see if it holds because there is definitely some pretty serious unbalanced spoke tension going on. . .) So my lower back is nice and puffy and my calf muscle is killing me but I'll live. Had I been on the Moser, oy, I can't even think about it. Let's put it this way, I don't think I would have forgotten to walk with him to an ATM.

Sometimes I wish I only had a casual interest in cycling and could, say, go to the gym instead. I'm over getting hurt doing something I love. I know I'm a responsible, skilled rider and I'm trying to fight off feeling like there is some kind of fuku over my head. The first f'ing ride of Spring! C'mon!!

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