15 November 2008

Packing it in

I am forcing myself to admit that I don't like riding in cold weather. I'd be more into it if my fingers and toes didn't get so cold. Bad circulation I guess, everything else I've got covered in the way of staying nice and toasty. (The commuting carries on per usual which gives me 10 to 20 miles outdoors every day.)

So, that means it's officially "off-season" (like I have a season) for me. As far as having a "season" goes, I'm going to hold myself to at least getting involved in some regular group rides this spring/summer. Not exactly racing, but you know. I digress. . .so what I am doing is hitting the rollers, doing some pilates and yoga and grabbing some spins in Central Park with the occasional Nyack foray. . .

Rachel snuck in from doing some laundry, this is me smiling through an interval. As she said, welcome to the great outdoors, New York style.

This photo illustrates two things: one, goddamn I am a bald mofo and two, I suck at pliates. I start a Tuesday class this week as opposed to only doing this video which will hopefully help me out.

I try not to get too existential about my cycling ie, why do I really want to "be faster" when I don't race. I guess it's just because I can be.

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