21 August 2008

Tulum, Mexico

Feeling slightly shell-shocked back here in Brooklyn after a stunning week on the Caribbean Sea in Tulum, Mexico. We didn't take a ton of pictures, but spending all day sitting on the beach doesn't make for a horribly exciting, extensive photo shoot.

Our sand-floor cabana was amazing and couldn't have been much closer to the sea without being in the water. I miss falling asleep to that sound! We would wake up every morning to find our floor full of hermit crab tracks, so cute! I only managed to spy one the whole time we were there.

Iguanas are in abundance there and were fun to come across. Every evening a host of pelicans would glide up and down the shoreline and dive into the water seeking food. Very entertaining to watch. Lots of crabs running around of various sizes and colors. We didn't have any claw-oriented encounters and it was pretty funny to watch them scuttle around. Also saw a snake late one night on the way to the bathroom. Not a very big one, he didn't move as we walked past and we obviously didn't care to disturb him.

The bulk of our time, day and night, honestly was spent sitting on the beach (or on our "front porch", the massage area) watching the sea, napping, reading, going for the occassional dip and taking little strolls up and down the beach. The clothing-optional policy added another dimension to the scenery on our beach walks. We all, ahem, got into the swing of things. When in Rome. . . The ease and naturalness of people naked on the beach further confirms my idea that almost everything is context.

What else. . .We got up several mornings for a 730 yoga class that was challenging for me. A nice way to usher in the day. We would typically follow that with a morning swim, often the most pleasant one of the day as the water was generally glassy in the morning hours. Went on an ill-fated snorkeling trip involving a less-than-helpful guide and me emptying my stomach into the sea because of sea sickness and swallowing a bit too much salt water. Ate some amazing seafood though the food in general was unimpressive and horribly over-priced. The best food we ate came from a couple taquerias in Playa del Carmen and at half the price. One of the trade-offs of urban convenience versus beach isolation.

We were there for a full moon which was truly stunning. We almost never needed a flashlight. We could however still see some stars despite the intense light from the moon. We spoke to several guests there who all mentioned the splendor of the night sky. It's easy to see why the Mayans were so fascinated with and engaged in understanding the stars and sky.

Anyone looking to escape the stress and rigors of "modern day life" couldn't do much better than a week, a month, a summer staying in a beach-front cabana in Tulum.

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