11 May 2008

The Scene of the Crime

First ride out to Nyack today since last summer's mishap. Definitely a surreal moment riding by the spot where it happened. All in all though I had a great ride. I'm sure I'll always have a moment of reflection when arriving at that particular spot, but I suspect it wil lessen each time I ride by. It really wasn't even much of a deal today, but it was definitely on my mind.

My numbers were only a little off, averaging 17mph. Didn't descend aggresively at all, kept my top speed down. And the climbing was a bit slower than "normal" but at least it's only May. My legs felt good and I feel fine about riding the Montauk Century next Sunday.

Haven't posted in a while. . .still in the process of moving in to the new place. Everything is shaping up nicely except the music room/office which is still a total mess until we get some shelving in there. The kitties are loving the railroad straightaway and are getting more exercise and getting along a tiny bit better. In what I imagine as a triumph of sorts, Nigel is able to get on top of the fridge and cabinets in this place. The stinky old man who lives downstairs is moving out next month which is a huge relief. Living with Rachel is super-awesome, though our schedules don't line up all that well and we still don't feel like we see enough of each other.

What else? My spring semester is finally winding down and I'll have a couple quiet weeks until summer gets rolling. Going to see Joan as Police Woman on Wednesday at Mercury Lounge. Rachel left yesterday morning for New Orleans but gets back Tuesday night. It's interesting being here without her for the first time.

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