08 January 2008

Clorox Buys Burt's Bees

This story from the Times (thanks Rachel) highlights what I think is a growing trend for corporations: (environmental) responsibility leads to profit. On the face of it, it looks like a small company being eaten up by a large one, but Burt's Bees is pulling in millions already, and was already available for sale at mainstream, franchised outlets. Not exactly a mom and pop operation. If Clorox can buy Burt's Bees and allow them to keep, even expand on, their environmentally progressive business model, then it's all good by me. And if it actually influences Clorox to create their own "green" product line (Green Works) then I have a hard time opposing them. As I write this, I feel like there must be an angle I'm missing. . .yes? Or is it just that I'm programmed to assume that every move a corporation makes is ultimately evil?

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miss tafeldekken said...

wow, i was also going to blog on this article, but i don't have a proper thorough response yet. i'm still shocked that the company sold for nearly a billion bucks.