10 December 2007

Happy Hanukkah!

So, this year is my first even casual observation of Hanukkah. Having a half-Jewish girlfriend and an all-Jewish cat made it happen I guess. I got some pretty sweet gifts from Rachel's mom: Cabot cheese, rose petal preserves (!) and Vermont maple syrup.

In other holiday news, I got all teary in the pet store the other day whilst buying some food for Nigel, aka Little One. There's a box by the register you can put toys and treats in for shelter kitties for Christmas. Oh my god, did that break my heart. My card had already been run at that point so I didn't contribute but it's in my planner for this week. Poor little homeless kitties! If R ever leaves me I have a feeling I'll turn into what the kids will call "the crazy cat man (who never showers)". I've already got a moth-eaten cardigan, brown slippers and a propensity for beard-growing. . .

In other kitty news, Ruben, aka Jackass, swiped R's hard boiled egg off her plate this morning, took it under the bed to eat it and growled at her when she tried to shoo him out and retrieve the egg. I wasn't home at the time. Taking advantage of the newbie!


miss tafeldekken said...

ooohhh, what i would do for that Cabot cheese.

Rachel said...

I hope to experiment with the rose petals on K's homemade pancakes, in combination with my newfound love: natural yogurt.

In other foodies news, I'm still pissed about the egg. (I don't care how cute Ruben looks in a yamaka.)

Happy Festivus to all,