09 November 2007

Today is a Red Letter Day

I witnessed a small miracle today that I hope will be a gift that keeps on giving. I have been commuting via bicycle in New York for the better part of 3 years now and today is the first day I have ever witnessed BOTH FOOT/BIKE PATHS OF THE WILLIAMSBURG BEING OPEN!!!! This was not the case this morning, but it was in full effect on my ride home this afternoon. Why today, why this afternoon? Is it going to stay that way? Will people actually use both sides? Will one side be designated for peds and one for bikes? I'm all jittery with questions! I've never understood the alternating side being open policy b/c it never looked like any work was being done on the closed side.

Dear Peds,

PLEASE, OH GOD PLEASE, use the south side path.

Everyone else on a bike trying not to hit you

In other bike news, I'm trying to get off the mail-order habit and start supporting NYC's LBS's. I bought tires (Vittoria Zaffiros, the best durability for the $$ that I've found) and a track nut from BikeWorks (my favorite NYC shop. Dave is awesome and that place is bullshit-free) today. I was pleased to find that KT now works there. Last week I bought bar tape and a chain from them. Some things will always be easier to find online but I'm going to try and give the local shops more of my $$$ because it feels right and honestly it's more fun. I got to hang out for a bit and bullshit about bikes and I def don't get that from Performance.

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