15 November 2007

Regina Rules

Hey kids- If you love Regina Spektor (and you should) you should really head over to NYC Taper and grab her Hammerstein Ballroom show from October. While you're there, you also might want to grab Wilco, 1997-style at Irving Plaza. Very raucous. What kills it for me about the Regina show is it's just her. I've grown to really love and respect a performer who can play a whole show solo and have it be so powerful.

Other music bits: I confess Broken Social Scene were kind of boring me last night. Then they launched into 7/4 Shoreline, Anthem for a 19 Year Old Girl and Major Label Debut and it was super-amazing. Superconnected also rocked it. I'd never checked out Webster's balcony before last night and it's a great perch.

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