14 October 2007

In Binghamton with Regan

Spent a long weekend (Thurs. evening thru Sun. afternoon) in Binghamton, NY visiting a great friend. So nice to be out of NYC for a couple days and even better to have some time with Regan. I love the way Regan and I connect, I don't have another "book friend" like her here. Not that that comes even close to defining our relationship but it's certainly a part of it. The combination of literary interest, smarty-pants-ism and ridiculous senses of humor are in my mind central to what keep us close. I knew that I missed her but seeing her and getting such concentrated time with her reminded me how much. While I have great friends here it's hard to not wish that she, and Mark, were still living here.

I'll not recount a blow-by-blow of my time away but I will write that we went apple picking (as well as grabbing up some wee pumpkins) and made some pies which tasted super-amazing.

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Regan said...

It was MAGICAL. Although I must say I'm shocked, SHOCKED that you didn't mention the fantastic Robert Pippin talk I took you to (philosophy and John Wayne movies, say what?). Speaking of being all literary and smarty-pants-ish! Oh, right, that was the part you may wish to forget...