24 September 2007

In Memorium, Summer 2007

As of yesterday, it is officially Autumn. Another summer is over. What do I have so show for it, you ask?

Well, first and foremost, I fell in love. Secondly, I got a bunch of fractured ribs and a collapsed lung (but am almost done healing, thanks for asking). These are the two main events in my mind that framed my summer but other things were going on as well. I turned 33, for instance. I found out I have a second cousin living here, and he's a really cool guy. And I saw an unprecedented number of free shows. Here's a list of bands I made it out to see in the "best free show summer of all time" Summer 2007: (* = free)

Future Clouds and Radar
Rosewood Thieves
Gold Streets
Animal Collective*
Man Man*
Dengue Fever*
Band of Horses*
Joan as Police Woman
Camera Obscura*
Fiery Furnaces*
Old 97's*
M. Ward*

It seems like there must be more, perhaps I'm leaving a few off. I do know that there were many shows (The National, Blitzen Trapper, Ferraby Lionheart, New Pornographers. . .) that I didn't make but wish I had.

Adieu, Summer 2007. In spite of the massive cycling injury, I will remember you as one of the best, if not the best, summers that I have known.

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