05 September 2007

"Get Back, Loretta!" part 2

R. and I spent the past couple days making up for lost time and it's been incredibly rewarding and has further solidified everything I know about her/us. However, my heart is currently being battery-rammed because she is leaving again a week from Sunday for 5 weeks. I thought the almost-3 weeks was going to ruin me for sure. Comtemplating an even longer absence (and knowing that it will happen again in the Spring) has got me in a bit of a tailspin. Maybe if I had known all along that this was what was going to happen I'd be handling it better but finding out on Monday has been a total, pardon my French, head- and heart-fuck.

I bought some Rescue Remedy today. One drop for Nigel, a good swig for me.

I know, I know, I've tried to pare down on the massively personal posts, but this is kind of all I'm thinking about at the moment.

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miss tafeldekken said...

5 weeks is do-able. 6 weeks is really tough. you'll make it. distance makes the heard grow fonder, or however that saying goes.