22 September 2007

Bike Bits

First outing on the rollers today. Had planned on 20 minutes, but ended up sticking it out for 45. Felt so goddamn good I can barely describe it, and to feel the dull, aching soreness in my legs now is almost as satisfying. Watched some Tour, did the whole ride off the bars, not to impress myself, or you, but because I was on the Pista and it was more comfortable that way. You know, with my ribs and all. . .My flexibility didn't suffer too much, my endurance seemed ok, and my breathing was normal. All very encouraging signs, THANK GOD!!! And just like that, I'm back into feeling more at ease with the universe, it took exactly one ride.

Hung a couple parts on the Moser, but am at a bit of a standstill until I get a headset installed. (I don't have a headset yet, nor do I own a headset press.) The cranks look purty, tho I'm already second-guessing not getting a compact set-up. I cannot wait to ride this thing, oy, I hope that headset comes through soon. . .

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