08 August 2007


The other day I almost made a post about why I don't like the subway, particularly at peak hours. It was going to go something like "I hate rush hour subways not because it's full of asshole-mode New Yorkers but because I can become an asshole-mode New Yorker when dealing with it." But I didn't make that post, and today I realize I hate the subway because I hate (I think this is a genuine, true to my bones hate) the MTA with everything that I've got. Get bent, MTA, you make my life and millions of other New Yorker's lives hell on a daily basis and you really outdid yourself today.

East Village Idiot has a nice summary of today's service changes. Here's a slightly more factual account from Gothamist. I love the MTA's advisory to "avoid the subway".

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Lucy said...

Take that, MTA--for making our lives suck! Yeah! (Do you think they got it?)

Nice coming across your blog!