19 August 2007

Goodbye, Stronglights

Closer inspection of my cranks have revealed them to be totally f-ed. My headset also appears to be garbage. This is not particularly good news. Now I think the only parts coming from the Zullo are going to be the seatpost, saddle and bars. That leaves quite a lot of $$$ to invest, coupled with the fact that because this is an older frame, finding parts is going to be a challenge AND I don't really know what I'm doing when it comes to vintage frames/parts. Awesome.

In other uplifting news, my ribs are killing me on a near-round-the-clock basis. I only have 2 Vicoden left and I'm saving them for when R. returns from Europe. Speaking of which, today is only day 3 of a 3 week leave of absence and I am losing my mind. What else, taking 5mg of melatonin every night which is having a minimal effect of my sleeping schedule. That is to say, I'm awake every couple hours and am in the bed for an average of 6 hours total. Not a recipe for healing.

I'm hanging on, but the thread is feeling tenuous. Morning is always the worst, hopefully things will look a bit more cheery a few hours down the line. . .

[edit: the cranks seem ok, the BB is an old cup and cone deal, prolly needs some service. still can't get the cranks pulled because my square-taper puller inexplicably won't fit into the crank/bb threads. am going to go cartridge BB on the Moser anyway.]


Jeremy said...

Drop me an email at jrauch -at- tears for gears DOT com. I don't have the bottom bracket you're looking for (but still see my reply to your comment), but I like to think I know something about the vintage bikes, have a monster collection of spares I can lend you stuff out of, and all the tools needed to get you back on the road -- seems like you've been through enough bike related agita that you deserve some help, if you need/want it.

Jeremy said...

Oh yeah...pulling a Stronglight requires a special size tool. Don't try to use a normal sized one or you risk stripping out your extractor threads. Its 23.35mm, versus a normal 22mm, and a 23mm for TA cranks. A normal bike shop is highly unlikely to have the correct tool, and there's a good chance they'll damage something in the process, so be careful!