11 June 2007

nyack stats (y to the iz-awn)

dist 66.45
time 3.56.50
max 33.2
avg 16.8

i attribute the little dip in avg speed to the sunday am vs. monday am difference. getting cross-town is a bitch during the week. it's certainly not because i'm slower! har har har. some fantastic road construction on state line hill. awesome grooved shake-your fillings-out surface followed by sloppy-as-hell asphalt throwing resulting in lovely bits of asphalt and tar in my shoes, in my mouth, on my legs and arms, stuck on my frame and most importantly, coating my tires.

(odo 1660.5 that unfortunately incl. "roller miles")

did i mention it was pretty sunny today?


miss tafeldekken said...

how many fillings do you have?

bklyn74 said...

'bout 10, not counting my capped front teeth.