03 June 2007

Bang On a Can

Went down to WFC 2 last night to check out some of the Bang on a Can Marathon. Saw The Books play 3 tunes which were good, but largely reliant on video to make them truly engaging. Then went to the world's fanciest bodega w/ Jorge, Daniel, Ping, Mia and Tim to get some beers to drink out by the river. Chamay, anyone? I opted for an oil can of Foster's but loved that Chamay was one of my choices, the blue as well as red label, mind you. We sat right outside the winter garden drinking and watching sailboat masts rock back and forth. There is a sailing school right there that is sponsored by Conde Nast because all the masts had little flags with different Conde Nast pulications on them. Beautiful, breezy night, lots of laughing. A great place to sit and drink outside undisturbed by any 5-0's. Went back in to hear a little bit of Bang On a Can perform "Music for Airports" which sounded fantastic. Little too slo-mo to keep the kids engaged and we called it a night soon thereafter. Mia was killing me with her cuteness but as goodbyes were being handed around I got a hug, kiss on the cheek and "See you, guy. Take care." Ouch, it's 'Kevin', love. Oh well.

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