30 May 2007

you wanna get hit by a car?

yestreday riding home up roebling some completely insane and very angry hispanic man was feiging like he was going to hit me with his minivan. he was pissed because school was letting out and there were those little mini-schoolbuses everywhere. i was riding in the middle of the lane b/c of said schoolbuses stopped on the street and turning left, pulling out into the intersection, etc etc. it's a mess and the bus drivers, of all fucking people, drive really aggresively. minivan-guy was honking at me and then sped up like mad to get around me, crossing in to oncoming traffic and then swerved at me. he then pulled up alongside me and said "you wanna get hit by a car?" and then proceeded to swerve in my direction again. WHAT THE FUCK!! he did it once more before i slowed way down so he could go about his crazy way without me. keep in mind this is all happening as SCHOOL IS GETTING OUT!!!! as in, there are kids everywhere!! people like that definitely deserve the privelige of operating a motor vehicle.

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