26 April 2007


Damn, bad ending to an otherwise pretty ok day. Had quite a showdown w/ the West Indies building "operators" (what's the right word? management henchmen?) today trying to get my bike up to Peridance b/c i didn't have a lock w/ me. (I'd been at Ailey and Graham all day where I can bring my bike in and Scott called me last minute to sub.)

Old man behind the podium got insta-hostile w/ me, refusing to even listen to what I had to say. Then his angry elevator-operator friend got off the elevator and began yelling at me, which inspired the old man to yell even louder. Then elevator guy grabs my bike in an attempt to throw it out onto the sidewalk. Obviously I hung on tight in the interest of not having this jackass fuck up my bike so we did an angry little dance out the double doors together.

Was I confrontational? Yes i was. Could i make a big stink about the hands-on violence? Probably. Am i going to? yes. no.

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