15 March 2007


i went sailing over my handlebars on tuesday evening on the williamsburg bridge. i collided w/ another cyclist who jumped out in front of me trying to go around a ped. i was heading downhill and must have been going 17-20 mph. the actual impact of hitting the guy didn't hurt. it was the landing on the lock on my hip and sliding about 5 feet that hurt. no real damage to me or the bike (altho the crank arms, at least one, feels bent). i have a couple scrapes and aches, my jacket got a tear in the bottom and the cover around my lock got some rips in it.

in some bizarre way, i felt better after it happened. more clear or something. my body was definitely hurting but my mind somehow felt refreshed. something about all these intense emotional experiences i had last week vs. a nice, clean intense physical impact. . .

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